Sowaan ERP Reforming Management with Stock ERP Solution in UAE

Explore the power of efficient inventory management with SowaanERP, the premier Stock ERP Solution in UAE. Rated as one of the best ERP software in UAE, we aim to streamline your business processes for optimum productivity.

Inventory Basics


A warehouse serves as a commercial structure for storing goods. It's utilized by manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, and more.


An Item refers to a product or service provided by your company. It can encompass various items like finished products, raw materials, etc.

Opening Stock

Opening Stock defines the quantity and value of materials available for sale or utilization at the commencement of an accounting cycle.

Item Variants

An Item Variant represents a different version of an item with distinct attributes such as colors or sizes.

Serial Number

A Serial Number record is kept for every unit of an item, aiding in tracking its location, end-of-life information, and warranty details.


The Batch feature in Sowaan ERP facilitates the grouping of several units of an item and assigns them a unique identifier known as Batch No.


Stock Settings

Stock Settings Here, you can establish default configurations for your stock-related transactions.

Item Price

Item Price is the record where you can document the purchase and sale rate of an item.

Item Group

An Item Group serves as a method to categorize items based on their types.

Price Lists

A Price List comprises a collection of Item Prices for either selling, purchasing, or both.

Stock Transactions

Stock Entry

A Stock Entry is a straightforward document that records the movement of Items between Warehouses.

Material Request

A Material Request is a basic document that indicates the need for a specific set of Items (products or services) for a certain purpose.

Purchase Receipt

Purchase Receipts are created when you receive material from your Supplier, typically against a Purchase Order.

Delivery Note

A Delivery Note is issued when a shipment departs from the company Warehouse.

Packing Slip

A packing slip is a list of items in a shipment, usually attached to the delivered goods.

Retaining Sample Stock

A sample from an item batch can be kept for potential future analysis.

Landed Cost Voucher

Landed Cost refers to the total cost of a product to get the product to the buyer's doorstep.

Sales Return

Goods being returned after sale is a common business occurrence due to reasons like quality issues, non-delivery on agreed date, etc.

Purchase Return

Sowaan ERP provides an option for products that need to be returned to the supplier for reasons such as defects in goods, quality, etc.


Quality Inspection

In Sowaan ERP, you have the option to designate your inbound or outbound products for Quality Inspection.

Stock Reconciliation

Stock Reconciliation involves the periodic and year-end counting and assessment of materials/products.

Delivery Trip

A Delivery Trip is established to document Customer Deliveries in a single vehicle. Multiple stops can be included, and a Submitted Delivery Note can be linked to each Customer.

Projected Quantity

Projected Quantity refers to the anticipated stock level for a specific Item, based on existing stock levels and other demands.

Perpetual Inventory

Under the perpetual inventory system, an accounting entry is made for every stock transaction.

Stock Reports

Stock Level Report

The Stock Level report outlines the quantity of stock items accessible in a specific warehouse.

BOM Explorer

The BOM Explorer Report presents a comprehensive hierarchy of the Bill of Materials (BOM) and its raw materials in a tree view format.

Stock and Account Value Comparison

This report assists the user in discerning the value difference between the stock account and the stock balance report.