Non-profit ERP in UAE - A New Era for NGO & NPO Management

Efficiently operate your non-profit organization by effectively managing members, memberships, volunteers, donors, and even grant applications. With the best Non-profit ERP in UAE,  ensuring a focus on your core mission while reducing administrative burdens.

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Members form the backbone of any non-profit organization. Utilizing non-profit ERP software in UAE allows you to effectively manage your NGO's members and classify them into various categories. This software also enables you to establish membership expiry dates and verify if your current customers or suppliers are affiliated with your non-profit organization.

Buy NGO ERP software
Buy NGO ERP software


Utilize non-profit ERP in UAE to register and follow the memberships of all members. Alter the membership status to observe new or future members. Keep a record of payment specifics to determine the most suitable membership status or grade for each individual.

Membership Types

Whether your members are trailblazing founders, influential individuals, or established organizations, the capability to document any member type is available. You have complete autonomy to generate and allocate various membership categories, enabling you to classify individuals accordingly.

Buy NGO ERP software
Buy NGO ERP software

In addition to members, volunteers also play an integral role in numerous NGOs. With the best ERP system in UAE, you can categorize volunteers according to the definitions you establish. The system allows you to document each volunteer's availability and status, as well as the unique skills they bring to the table.


Some individuals or organizations may not have an interest in obtaining membership, but they still contribute to your cause. Keep track of these one-time or recurring donors, including their contact details and addresses, using your system. When donations come in, you can easily update the donor's record, ensuring the most recent information is always reflected.

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Grant Application

Whether an NGO is receiving grants from governmental bodies or foundations, or perhaps even distributing grants to others, all these transactions can be effortlessly recorded and monitored with SowaanERP.

Buy NGO ERP software
Buy NGO ERP software

Multi-Currency Accounting

Nonprofits can receive sizeable foreign donations or need to buy goods internationally. SowaanERP streamlines multi-currency dealings. It allows managing transactions and reports in various currencies, using Currency and Exchange Rate masters that log several exchange rates and conversion factors.

Billing And Pricing

In your nonprofit endeavors, document purchase invoices for the items procured and utilized. Expedite transactions and billing processes with personalized print templates (employing HTML or Jinja templating) and single-use configurations. With the best non-profit ERP solution in UAE, these tasks can be simplified and managed efficiently.

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On-The-Fly Customizations

Construct your personalized ERP software for your NGO. Integrate critical data by incorporating custom fields into your forms. Tailor form functionality by auto-retrieving values, concealing fields based on user roles, and crafting custom print layouts, all without needing to write a single line of code.

Multilingual NGO ERP Software

Experience the convenience of using your software in a language that suits you best, enhancing your overall user experience.


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