Empowering Quality Control with Manufacturing ERP in UAE

The manufacturing ERP in UAE is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution that effectively simplifies the production cycle, expertly tracks material usage, showcases robust capacity planning, adeptly manages subcontracting, and offers much more to streamline your business operations!

cloud manufacturing software in uae
best erp software in uae
best erp software in uae

Total Control Over Your Production

Experience seamless integration of production planning and shop floor with Sowaan ERP, the best manufacturing ERP in UAE. Its comprehensive suite including customer management, sales orders, inventory control, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting facilitates real-time coordination across all your business departments.

Bill Of Material (BOM)

Sowaan ERP's BOM, a key component of ERP manufacturing in UAE, is at the core of any cloud manufacturing software. With its hierarchical structure and comprehensive inclusion of product codes, part descriptions, quantities, and costs, it ensures precision and robustness.

Best ERP in UAE

Shop Floor Management

Sowaan ERP, the best manufacturing ERP software in UAE, offers Job Cards, Operations, and Workstations features. These tools enable you to automatically record daily activities on your shop floor. You can monitor the real-time status of ongoing job tasks, locate each workstation, track employee assignments, and view the current and upcoming steps of every work order — all consolidated on a single screen.


If your business involves subcontracting processes, Sowaan ERP's subcontracting feature, a prominent tool in the landscape of manufacturing ERP in UAE, could be a game-changer. It simplifies the supply of raw materials while keeping track of supplier operations and labor. Additionally, it values finished goods based on the cost of procured services and raw materials.

cloud manufacturing software in uae

Item Variants

If you're in the business of producing varied t-shirts, tracking each type and its variants is crucial. Sowaan ERP, one of the best ERP software in UAE, facilitates this with its item template and variant features. The main product is saved as an item template, while each variation is stored as an item variant. Attributes like color or shape can be stored for every item variant, enhancing efficiency and organization.

Batched Inventory

Managing batched items becomes a breeze with the integrated inventory feature of Sowaan ERP, a top-rated manufacturing ERP system in UAE. It provides a real-time perspective on product availability and keeps track of every batch's manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and additional details. The system even allows for barcode scanning using your device camera, enabling swift stock searches and informed decision-making.

cloud manufacturing software in uae

Serialized Inventory

In the realm of manufacturing ERP in UAE, Sowaan ERP stands out with its unique serial number identification feature. This system allows for the setting up of naming series, resulting in automatic creation of serial numbers for new inventory. Moreover, it offers the convenience of scanning barcodes using your device's camera for a quick and efficient stock search.

Material Resource Planning

Whether you're dealing with a work order related to sales or material requests, Sowaan ERP provides comprehensive visibility into your Material Requirements Planning (MRP). It allows you to monitor the consumption of materials in your serialized or batched inventory, thereby helping to minimize costs and eliminate resource wastage.

cloud manufacturing software in uae
cloud manufacturing software in uae

Capacity Planning

With an ERP software solution in UAE, you can streamline your workstations according to the resources at hand for ongoing production orders. By developing a capacity plan, you can pinpoint and resolve any hold-ups at the shop-floor level. Moreover, the system allows for the upkeep and management of planning schedules over set periods of time, such as 30 or 45 days.

Multiple Units Of Measure

Don't let system limitations hinder your ability to measure materials in a way that suits your needs! With the ability to monitor various units of measurement for your stock, you can set up conversion factors directly in the Item master. This allows for seamless sales, purchases, and inventory transactions.

cloud manufacturing software in uae

Quick Stock Balance

The Quick Stock Balance report enables you to conduct inventory audits to validate warehouse stock and compare it with the system records. You can easily start counting by scanning a barcode using any device - there's no need for a dedicated barcode scanner!

Stock Replenishment

To avoid stock shortages, use the best manufacturing ERP in UAE to monitor an item's reorder level. Sowaan ERP automatically generates a material request when stock dips below this level, ensuring timely inventory replenishment and minimizing the risk of stock depletion.

cloud manufacturing software in uae
cloud manufacturing software in uae

On-The-Fly Customizations

Craft your personalized cloud-based manufacturing ERP software. Incorporate your crucial data by integrating custom fields into your forms. Tailor the behavior of your forms by automatically retrieving values, concealing fields according to user roles, and designing custom print layouts — all this without needing to write a single line of code.

Multilingual Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software

Experience the convenience of using your software in the language you're most comfortable with. This feature not only enhances usability but also ensures a seamless and more personalized user experience.

cloud manufacturing software in uae

Maintain momentum, wherever you are

With the complimentary Sowaan ERP mobile app, managing your business from any location becomes effortless, allowing you to concentrate on what's important. From your mobile or tablet, effortlessly access accounts, update projects and quotes, and swiftly handle tasks.

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