Uplift Your Farming Business with Agriculture ERP in UAE

Elevate the management of your agriculture and livestock business UAE with the best agriculture ERP in UAE. It provides comprehensive features for recording, tracking crop cycles, pinpointing locations, monitoring diseases, and managing fertilizer usage for optimal yield.

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best erp software in uae

70+ Analysis Criteria

From managing humidity or precipitation to monitoring mineral levels and temperature, SowaanERP, one of the top ERP agriculture software in UAE, encompasses a wide range of criteria for in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting, ensuring optimal agricultural outcomes.

erp system in uae
erp system in uae

Manage Your Crops

Keep a comprehensive track of all crop management activities with our system — from major tasks like plowing and harvesting to minute yet crucial details such as crop and row spacing. Establish a timeline for each task, record the necessary materials, and document the items and by-products generated in the process.

Crop Cycle

With the top-tier agriculture ERP in UAE, you can customize cycles for various farming activities such as sowing, irrigation, or harvesting. It allows you to specify the locations where each cycle occurs. If any diseases emerge, you can document them along with the respective countermeasures, all integrated seamlessly into the crop cycle.

erp system in uae


With the leading ERP software solution in UAE, you can delineate your fields and document their total area. The designated land will be displayed on a map for easy viewing. For businesses operating across multiple locations, you also have the ability to establish parent locations such as states.


In the process of crop cultivation, encountering diseases is sometimes inevitable. However, swift and appropriate action is crucial to safeguard a healthy harvest. In case of a disease outbreak, you have the capability to promptly document all necessary tasks and their respective timelines for effective management.


In the realm of agriculture, fertilizers play a crucial role in ensuring a bountiful yield. With the advanced agriculture ERP software in UAE, you can meticulously document all your utilized fertilizers, along with detailing their specific contents, contributing to an efficient and productive farming process.

erp system in uae

Plant Analysis

Examine the crops or plants in a specific location by documenting the time of collection, testing, and the results. Furthermore, record the composition of the plants, noting the actual, minimum, and maximum values to identify any potential irregularities.

erp system in uae
Water analysis
Water Analysis

With the SowaanERP system, monitoring water analysis becomes as straightforward as tracking soil conditions. This platform allows you to document the constituents of water, along with the times of collection, testing, and results. Furthermore, it enables you to record the actual, minimum, and maximum values, assisting in the detection of any possible irregularities.

Soil Analysis

Our open-source agriculture ERP also allows for the efficient tracking of soil analysis. It enables you to document the times of soil collection, testing, and results, and then register the soil constituents along with their actual, minimum, and maximum values.

erp system in uae
Soil Texture

Regardless of whether you're tilling sand, silt, clay, or loam, the agriculture ERP in UAE allows you to document the detailed compositions of your land's soil. This includes granular details such as the content of organic matter and its density, providing a comprehensive understanding of your agricultural environment.

erp system in uae

Stay informed about your field's temperature, degree days, pressure, humidity, dew point, precipitation, among other factors. By diligently recording these variables for all your locations, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your agricultural conditions and make informed decisions accordingly.

Sales And Purchase

With SowaanERP, manage your customer's subscription billing cycle completely. Bill your customers and pursue due payments using payment requests and email/SMS alerts. Create custom Jinja/HTML bill print templates, and establish defaults for quicker transaction processing.

Sales and purchase
Billing And Pricing

The operations of an agriculture business extend beyond the fields. Utilize our dedicated selling and purchasing modules to meticulously record sales orders, purchase orders, and invoice details, ensuring a comprehensive tracking of your business transactions.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Design your unique agriculture ERP solution in UAE. Enhance data mapping by incorporating custom fields in your forms. Tailor form behavior with capabilities like auto-fetching values, concealing fields according to user roles, and generating custom print formats — all achievable without writing a single line of code.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software

SowaanERP is a sophisticated, multilingual application that empowers each user to choose their language of preference. Enjoy the flexibility of operating your software in the language that offers you the utmost comfort and ease.

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