Education ERP in UAE Reshaping School & Campus Management

Education ERP in UAE-Trailblazer for School & Campus Management

Sowaan educational ERP system is a contemporary Education ERP in the UAE, designed specifically for schools and educational institutes. Regardless of the institution's size, it efficiently manages students, teachers, courses, and academic programs. An interactive portal, built on our platform, is included out-of-the-box.

education erp system in uae
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Student Applicants

Sowaan ERP, one of the best education ERP software in UAE, consolidates all your program applications. Upon a student's application, a record can be created in the Student Applicant section. Approved students are added to your master list, enabling email communication directly through the ERP system.

education erp system in uae
education erp system in uae

Student Information

The student doctype in our system holds essential information including personal details, photograph, birth date, and residential address. It also keeps track of the student's guardian and sibling information. Moreover, you have the option to attach additional documents like the student's picture, academic certificates, and more!

Document Storage

In the realm of education, access to crucial external documents for each student is vital. Sowaan ERP, a leading ERP education software in UAE, facilitates this by allowing multimedia files upload and sharing (like images, videos, documents). Files can be uploaded directly or through a web link.

education erp system in uae


In Sowaan ERP, it's possible to construct a detailed course schedule, complete with class dates and room allocations, and associate it with the relevant teacher and students. When devising an assessment plan for a student group, you also have the option to assign an instructor as either the examiner or supervisor for that particular evaluation.

Program Enrollment

The Program Enrollment feature in an education ERP system in UAE, serves as a record of a student's registration and selected courses for a specific academic year and, if applicable, academic term. If a student is registered in a program, their Program Enrollment can be created accordingly. The system will automatically populate the student's Enrolled Courses table with the compulsory courses from that program. Meanwhile, elective or optional courses can be manually chosen and added.

education erp system in uae
education erp system in uae

Programs & Courses

With the best ERP solution in UAE, Sowaan ERP, creating tailored educational programs becomes a breeze. These programs can encompass the learning trajectory for each subject throughout all levels of formal education. You have the flexibility to incorporate specific courses or electives within a program, with the option to designate certain courses as compulsory. Each program can be identified by a unique code and can also be linked to its respective department for better organization and management.

Student Attendance

Our Attendance doctype simplifies the process of tracking each student's daily attendance. This module is designed for easy use by teachers to record class attendance. The Student Attendance Tool, with its straightforward checkbox system, enables quick attendance marking, while the corresponding records are automatically generated in the system. In short, it's a simplified approach to managing attendance.

education erp system in uae
education erp system in uae
Student Fees

Keep track of student fee collections with ease. Prior to fee collection, the Fee Structure must be established, encompassing various categories like classroom sessions, industrial visits, and lodging. This structure is tailored to the chosen academic program and term. The Fee module offers access to comprehensive student details and a detailed fee structure. Plus, it provides information on the paid amount and any outstanding balances.

Assessment Plan

Need to arrange an evaluation or test for a specific student group or course? Simply formulate an Assessment Plan using the ERP education software in UAE, Sowaan ERP. This doctype allows you to record details such as the student group, grading scale, assessment criteria, examiner, supervisor, among other things. Establish your assessment plans with Sowaan ERP, and observe how effortlessly the results are produced with our Assessment Result Tool.

education erp system in uae
Learning Management System (LMS)

The Education module of Sowaan ERP, a top-tier education ERP in UAE, comes equipped with an in-built Learning Management System (LMS). This feature enables educational institutions to showcase their programs on their own websites. These programs can include diverse content such as rich text articles, videos, and quizzes. The progress of students can be monitored via both the desk and the portal. Although the LMS is initially disabled, it can be activated from the Education Settings.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Design your personalized services ERP software. Tailor the data to your needs by incorporating custom fields in your forms. You can modify the behavior of forms by auto-retrieving values, hiding fields based on user roles, and designing custom print formats. Best of all, these modifications don't require any coding at all.

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