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A quotation serves as a projected cost of the goods/services you propose to your potential or current client.

Sales Order

A Sales Order acts as a client's confirmed request for your products or services.

Blanket Order

A Blanket Order is a customer's agreement to acquire specific materials over an agreed timeframe at pre-set prices.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics allows for a comprehensive view of your firm's sales achievements, enabling detailed analysis of sales data to assess performance.

Sales Partner

Sales Partners are entities or individuals that aid you in procuring business opportunities.

Setting up Sales

Selling Settings

In Selling Settings, you can establish rules and validations that are utilized throughout the sales cycle in both master records and transactions.

Item Price

The Item Price is a record allowing you to document the selling and purchasing rate of a specific item.

Shipping Rule

The Shipping Rule enables you to set the delivery charges for transporting a product to the customer or supplier.

Product Bundle

A Product Bundle is a master record where you can group existing items sold together as a package or bundle.

Sales Taxes and Charges Template

Sales Taxes and Charges can be assigned to any product you sell.


Selling in Different UOM

For any inventory item, you can establish multiple selling price units of measure (UOM).

Adding Margin

Users can apply a margin to Quotation Item and Sales Order Item. If a pricing rule is enabled, the system will factor in this margin.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where the retailer doesn't hold products in stock.

Shipping Rule

The Shipping Rule master aids in creating a rule that determines the shipping charge on sales transactions.