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Goal and Procedure

Quality Goal

This is a compilation of specific metrics that aid in quantifying an application's quality. It's a fundamental process in quality management to set a range of quality objectives.

Quality Procedure

A standard operating procedure (SOP) encompasses a series of detailed instructions provided by an organization to assist employees in executing complex routine tasks.

Tree Of Procedure

The Tree of Procedures is utilized to illustrate the Parent-Child connection, if any, between various procedures.

Tools for Quality Management

Quality Review

A Quality Review is a structured examination with assigned roles and a set procedure, aimed at confirming a product's compliance and completeness.

Quality Feedback

Quality Feedback refers to the expressions from customers about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction concerning your products or services.

Quality Action

Quality Action is a typical feature enabling the execution of preventive and corrective actions.

Quality Meeting

This is a gathering of individuals with a specific objective or agenda, primarily for formal discussions about Quality matters.