Optimize Projects with SowaanERP – Best Project management ERP UAE

Experience seamless project and task management with the best ERP software in UAE, fully integrated with billing and cost centers - a top project management ERP UAE solution.

Project Management


A project is a single or joint venture, meticulously structured by the project crew, with a specific goal in mind.


A task represents a standalone responsibility or a segment of a Project that outlines a specific action delegated to a person.

Project Template

A Project Template comprises a task collection that can auto-populate when initiating a new project.

Project Customer Portal

Within SowaanERP, Customers can independently track the progression of the Project via the Customer Portal.

Time Tracking

Salary Slip From Timesheet

If employees' salaries are determined by the hours they've worked, Timesheet can be utilized to monitor this and generate a Salary Slip.

Sales Invoice From Timesheet

Customers can be billed based on the total number of hours your Employees have dedicated to that Customer.

Activity Type

Activity Type compiles an assortment of various activities for which a Time Log can be established.

Activity Cost

Activity Cost documents the hourly billing rate and cost rate of an employee for a specific activity type.

Tools and Reports

Project Reports

These reports assist in examining the billing for each Project and Employee over a particular timeframe.

Project Costing

This report aids in monitoring the precise costing of a Project, mostly in relation to services, where user needs to generate a Time Log based on actual time invested in Project-Task.

Project Profitability

As the Project progresses, you can monitor the diverse income and expenditure associated with it.