Your Ultimate Non Profit Module ERP Software in UAE: SowaanERP

Efficiently monitor members, manage memberships, coordinate volunteers, and track grants for your non-profit organization with the best ERP software in UAE. Enhance your operations with the non profit module ERP software in UAE.



The Member doctype enables the documentation of Member specifics related to a Membership.

Membership Type

Typically, an organization establishes a membership type for each distinct membership they provide.


The Membership doctype facilitates the recording of membership specifics for the Member.

Volunteers and Donors


The Volunteer doctype permits the documentation of Volunteer particulars.


Usually, a donor is an individual, organization or government that voluntarily offers something.

Donor Type

The Donor Type doctype allows the creation of diverse Donor Profiles for the Donor.

Grant and Chapter

Grant Application

A Grant Application is intended for use by organizations that allocate funds to others, such as grant seekers, etc.


The Chapter doctype permits the documentation of Chapter specifics.