Boosting Success-Sowaan ERP Manufacturing Module ERP Software in UAE

Efficiently manage intricate Bill of Materials, schedule, and monitor manufacturing with Work Orders using the best ERP software in UAE.  Manufacturing Module ERP Software in UAE allows for seamless control and the facilitation and tracking of production.

Basic and Setup


Sowaan ERP encompasses capabilities such as tracking Bill of Materials, orchestrating and implementing Work Orders, procurement, and much more.

Manufacturing Settings

Manufacturing Settings contain all universal settings and configurations needed for manufacturing functionalities.

Manufacturing Dashboard

The Manufacturing Dashboard offers easily digestible analytics that assist users in making informed decisions.

Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials

The BOM includes all materials (purchased or manufactured) and processes required to create a finished product or sub-item.


Workstation keeps data about the location where the workstation operations are conducted.


Holds a catalog of all Manufacturing Operations, their description, and the Default Workstation for each Operation.


Work Order

A Work Order is a directive handed over to the production floor by the Production Planner, indicating the need to manufacture a specific quantity of an item.

Production Plan

The Production Plan enables users to strategize production against numerous Sales Orders or Material Requests.

Job Card

Originating from the Work Order, a Job Card is distributed to each workstation on the manufacturing floor to initiate the production of an item.



Subcontracting refers to a job contract that delegates certain tasks to other businesses.

BOM Comparison Tool

The BOM Comparison Tool allows you to juxtapose two BOMs and identify what alterations occurred between their iterations.

Item Alternative

If a raw material specified in the BOM isn't available during production, an alternative item is used to complete the process.

BOM Update Tool

The BOM Update Tool lets you substitute a sub-assembly BOM and revise costs for all BOMs.

Planning & Reports

Capacity Planning

The Capacity Planning feature aids in monitoring production tasks assigned to each Workstation.

Work Order Summary

Using the Work Order Summary in ERPNext, we can easily track the manufacturing progress of specific items in our organizations.

Demand Driven Forecasting

Forecasting is determined using the exponential smoothing method and historical sales order/delivery note/quotation data.

BOM Production Planning ReportUpdate Tool

This report assists users in planning both the finished product and raw materials against the Sales Order/Work Order/Material Request (with request as Manufactured) data.