Sowaan ERP Your Ultimate Human Resources ERP Solution UAE

Track leave and attendance, manage expense claims, oversee salary and payroll, streamline recruitment, enhance Pperformance, and more with the best ERP software in UAE, SowaanERP's Human Resources ERP Solution UAE.



An individual operating under an employment contract, endowed with certain rights and responsibilities is your Employee.

Employment Type

The diverse employment agreements you hold with your workforce.


Establish the various Departments within your enterprise and allocate them to your staff using Sowaan ERP.

Health Insurance

Handle your employees' health insurance needs seamlessly with Sowaan ERP.

HR Settings

Universal configurations for all HR-related paperwork and processes.


Staffing Plan

With Sowaan ERP, execute efficient planning and budgeting for future recruitment over a set period.

Job Opening

Document your firm's available positions with the Job Opening feature.

Job Applicant

Maintain a registry of individuals who have submitted applications for a Job Opening.

Job Offer

A Job Offer, outlining employment terms, is presented to chosen candidates post their successful interview and selection.

Leave Management

Leave Type

Leave Type pertains to the various kinds of leave provided to an employee by the organization.

Leave Period

Manage employee leaves based on a specific Leave Period, which could align with a calendar or fiscal year.

Leave Allocation

With Leave Allocation, you can assign a certain number of leaves to a specific employee.

Leave Application

Employees have the ability to formally request leave and monitor its approval status.

Leave Block List

List The Leave Block List includes dates in a year when employees are prohibited from applying for leave.

Leave Encashment

For encashable Leave Types, you can process Leave Encashment.

Holiday List

The Holiday List contains the dates designated as holidays.



Attendance documents the presence of an Employee on a specific day.

Attendance Request

Employees can lodge an attendance request for days when their attendance wasn't recorded.

Upload Attendance

This feature facilitates the bulk upload of attendance data from a csv file.

Auto Attendance

Auto attendance records the attendance for Employees assigned to a shift, based on entries in the 'Employee Checkin' Document.

Lifecycle and Salary


Manage appraisals by crafting templates for each role, assigning proper weightage to each parameter.

Employee Onboarding

When hiring an employee, create a series of tasks for each new Employee.

Employee Skill Map

The Employee Skill Map is a record that assists your organization in tracking your Employee's skills and trainings.

Employee Promotion

This document allows you to handle Employee Promotions.

Employee Transfer

Use Employee Transfer to move Employees to a different Company or Department.

Employee Separation

To facilitate the process of an employee's departure, generate a set of tasks for each Employee.


Payroll Entry

Payroll Entry allows for mass processing of payroll for all employees or those in a specific branch, department, or role.

Additional Salary

Sowaan ERP provides the ability to incorporate additional Salary Components into Salary Slips during payroll processing.

Employee Benefit Application

Employees can access flexible benefits that they may receive pro-rata or as a lump sum upon claiming the benefit.

Employee Tax Exemption Declaration

Employees can declare their intended contributions for the payroll period, thereby reducing their net taxable income for that period.

Payroll Period

Payroll Period is useful for defining Salary Structures and calculating tax for a specific duration based on the relevant Income Tax Slab.

Income Tax Slab

Income Tax Slab is used to establish income tax rates according to different taxable income brackets.

Payroll Setup

Salary refers to the set amount of compensation an employer pays an employee for work performed.

Setting Up Tax

In numerous countries, regulations permit a portion of certain individual expenditures to be exempt from inclusion in their annual taxable income.


Human Resources Reports

Numerous built-in reports allow you to monitor attendance, salaries, loans, and other employee details within your organization.

Human Resource Setup

The HR module includes a setup process for establishing the masters for all major activities.

Leave Ledger

The Leave Ledger provides a consolidated record of all leave-related transactions for an employee.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management section of Human Resources aids your Organization in managing their vehicle fleet and tracking associated expenses.

Expense Claim

If an employee incurs expenses on behalf of the company, they can request reimbursement through the Expense Claim form.