Experience Best Healthcare Module ERP Software in UAE-Sowaan ERP

Manage patients, schedule practitioners, and oversee their reports inclusive of appointments, consultations, procedures, and lab tests using the best ERP software in UAE. Experience seamless management of healthcare operations with the Healthcare Module ERP Software in UAE.



The healthcare sector allows you to establish templates for Clinical Procedures, organize appointments, track Stock usage, and more.


The Patient document pertains to any person who benefits from the Healthcare Services you offer.

Healthcare Practitioner

Sowaan ERP Healthcare enables the creation of numerous practitioners, linked to a User or Employee with suitable Roles.

Medical Department

The Medical Department assists in booking Appointments, monitoring the availability of Healthcare Service Units by category.

Healthcare Service Unit

A Healthcare Service Unit aids in mapping your Facility Infrastructure and managing Appointment Scheduling, Billing, etc.

Medical Code standards

Medical Coding is necessary for regulatory compliance, and many Medical Insurance companies determine eligibility and coverage based on Medical Code standards.


Healthcare Settings

Healthcare Settings The Healthcare module's global configurations can be adjusted via the Healthcare Settings page.

Setting Up ADT

Handling ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer) in a bustling Hospital can be challenging, but ERPNext Healthcare simplifies this significantly.

Setup Laboratory

Setup Laboratory Your Laboratory can be configured to record Lab Tests, Sample Collection, and more by authorized personnel.

Setup Pharmacy

Creating multiple POS Profiles and managing multiple pharmacies is possible with the Stock Module.


Patient Appointment

Sowaan ERP Healthcare facilitates the booking of Patient appointments for any given date and notifies patients through Email or SMS.

Practitioner Schedule

The Practitioner Schedule aids in setting up the availability of Healthcare Practitioners.

Clinical Procedure

With Sowaan ERP, you can preset Clinical Procedure Templates, eliminating the need to set default properties like consumables every time a procedure is ordered.

Patient Encounter

Every interaction with patients can be documented via the Patient Encounter document in Sowaan ERP Healthcare.

Vital Signs

Sowaan ERP Healthcare enables the recording of Patients' Vital Signs at any stage of the treatment process.

Fee Validity

Fee Validity allows you to set up free follow-up consultations.


Lab Test

Sowaan ERP Healthcare enhances the management of a clinical laboratory by enabling Lab Tests entry, test results printing or emailing, samples management, Invoice creation, etc.

Sample Collection

For a Laboratory, managing collected samples is crucial and may include tasks like sample identification, stickers printing, etc.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Exercise Type

Establish Exercises with their level of difficulty, associate body parts, and outline all the steps involved in the Exercise.

Therapy Type

Type Sowaan ERP facilitates templatizing Therapies with Healthcare Service Units, standard rates, Item details for billing, and adding exercises per Body Parts.

Therapy Plan

Sowaan ERP aids in creating a plan for Patients incorporating prescribed therapies and the number of sessions needed to complete each Therapy.

Therapy Session

Monitor every Therapy Session by quantifying the completed Counts, required Assistance Level, etc., for each Exercise.

Patient Assessment Template

Sowaan ERP enables the templatizing of all Patient Assessments with all the parameters and the scale for patient evaluation.

Patient Assessment

Assess your Patient's progress using any combination of Assessment Parameters and Scale.

Records and Reports

Patient History

Sowaan ERP Healthcare facilitates the compilation of a Patient's medical history at any time by swiftly searching for and selecting the Patient.

Patient Appointment Analytics

Appointment Analytics provides the count of appointments made according to Medical Department and Healthcare Practitioner.

Inpatient Record

An Inpatient Record is auto-generated when a practitioner prescribes an admission.