Unlocking Best Education Module ERP Software in UAE- SowaanERP

The best ERP software in UAE, SowaanERP, offers an Education Module ERP Software in UAE that efficiently manages the comprehensive journey of a student, from their admission and enrollment, through to attendance tracking, and academic assessment, providing a seamless educational experience.



A course is an instructional unit that usually spans one academic period, guided by one or more educators, and has a predetermined number of learners.


An educational program is a strategy devised by institutions that outlines the learning trajectory for each subject across all levels of formal education.


An instructor could be a teacher, mentor, coach, or professor who specializes in imparting knowledge or skills in a specific area.


A room is a designated space where courses or exams are scheduled. In an educational context, a room could be a classroom, a lab, or an examination hall.

Student Category

The Student Category doctype enables you to sort students into various classifications.

Student Batch Name

A student batch represents a group of students from Student Groups. A student batch facilitates the creation of Student Groups based on a batch.

Academic Term

An academic term refers to a segment of an academic year during which an educational institution conducts classes.

Academic Year

An academic year is a timeframe used by educational institutions to quantify a period of study.

Education Settings

The Education Settings page allows you to configure fundamental settings such as the Academic Year and Term for your educational setup.



A student refers to an individual who has registered at your institution and whose application you have approved.

Student Group

A student group comprises a set of students enrolled in the same course. Course Schedules and Examinations can be created for a Student Group.


The Guardian doctype lets you document the details of a student's guardian.

Student Log

The Student Log Doctype allows you to input and modify additional data related to a student.


Student Applicant

A Student Applicant entry is required when a student submits an application for a program at your institution.

Student Admission

The Student Admission record facilitates the commencement of the admission procedure for a specified Academic year.

Program Enrollment

Enrollment serves as a record of a student's enrollment in a specific program and course selection for a particular Academic Year and Term.

Program Enrollment Tool

The Program Enrollment tool enables mass enrollment of both new and returning students in a Program.



Fees Keep track of fees received from students based on a defined fee structure.

Fee Structure

A Fee Structure serves as a blueprint used when creating Fees records or generating them via the Fee Schedule.


Course Schedule

A Course Schedule outlines the timetable for a session led by an Instructor for a specific Course. The complete course schedule can be viewed in Calendar mode.


The Examination record is utilized to monitor the exam timetable and the outcomes of that exam.

Learning Management System

Setting Up LMS

The Education module enables institutions to list their programs on their website, allowing students to log in and access the content.

Navigating the Portal

The LMS portal is accessible via the 'lms' route, where students can access all programs and courses.

Tracking Progress

Students can check their progress directly on the portal and do not have access to the desk.


Student Attendance

The Attendance doctype facilitates tracking and managing a student's attendance on any given day at any time.

Student Attendance Tool

The Student Attendance tool lets you update the attendance of students in bulk, based on the Student Group and Course Schedule.

Student Leave Application

Sowaan ERP allows you to document a student's leave application.


Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria are the standards used to evaluate the Student.

Assessment Result

The Assessment Result is a record of the marks/grades earned by the student for a specific Assessment.

Assessment Group

The Assessment Group tree is a master record where you can establish the hierarchy for examinations conducted in your educational institution.

Assessment Plan

To organize an assessment/examination for a Student Group for a particular course, you can formulate an Assessment Plan.