Exploring Best-in-class CRM ERP Solution in UAE by SowaanERP

Embarking on the presales journey, from lead gathering to opportunity tracking and communication management, has been made efficient with SowaanERP - the best ERP software in UAE. This CRM ERP solution in UAE doesn't just streamline processes, but also fosters growth and profitability.



A lead refers to a potential client that may have an interest in what you're offering.


An opportunity is a lead that's been qualified, meaning they've shown a willingness to examine your product or service.


A customer is an individual who purchases goods or services from a seller in exchange for payment.


In Sowaan ERP, a contact stands for a person who might be linked to a customer, supplier, or a company.


Addresses linked to a Lead, Customer, Supplier, Shareholder, Sales Partner, or a Warehouse can be recorded.


A Campaign is a comprehensive execution of a sales strategy aimed at boosting a product or service.


Lead Source

A Lead Source refers to the origin from which potential clients are derived.

Opportunity Type

Opportunity Type denotes a broad classification of opportunity such as Sales, Support, Maintenance, Partnership, and so on.

Sales Stage

Sales Stage signifies the phase at which a potential deal is within the sales process.

Sales Person

A Sales Person represents an individual who markets your products or services.

Customer Group

A Customer Group is a collection of customers that share certain similarities.

CRM Analytics

With CRM analytics, you can assess your sales funnel, determine the volume of prospects at each stage, and gain insight into potential clients.


The Appointment document type can be employed to arrange and oversee interaction with a lead or potential opportunity.

Social Media Post

A Social Media Post is utilized to craft and schedule posts for platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.