Experience the Top-notch Asset ERP Software in UAE with SowaanERP

Track and manage your fixed assets effectively with the best ERP software in UAE. Experience seamless asset allocation, depreciation, and movement tracking with asset ERP Software in UAE.

Asset Management


Every transaction pertaining to an asset, be it purchase, sale, depreciation, scrapping, movement, or maintenance, is handled via the Asset master.

Asset Maintenance

Sowaan ERP offers functionalities to monitor individual maintenance/calibration details of different assets.

Asset Movement

The system enables tracking of an asset's location, issuance details, or any shift from one spot to another.

Asset Transactions

Asset Value Adjustment

In the realm of fixed asset management, ERPNext allows for adjustments to an asset's value when necessary.

Purchasing an Asset

The standard purchase cycle can be followed once the relevant asset category is confirmed to exist.

Selling an Asset

An asset can be sold with all essential documentation, such as a Sales Invoice, readily created.

Discarding Assets

Asset Depreciation

The system autonomously generates a depreciation schedule, taking into account the method of depreciation and other relevant details in the Asset record.

Scrapping an Asset

If an asset becomes unusable, it can be scrapped effortlessly with a button click in the Asset record.