Unveiling Agriculture Module ERP Software in UAE with Sowaan ERP

Efficiently supervise several farms, a variety of crops, numerous growing cycles, crop ailments, and much more with the best ERP software in UAE. The Agriculture Module ERP Software in UAE adds an extra layer of convenience to farm management.

Crops and Land

Land Unit

Initially, we establish the farm as a primary land unit, followed by adding one or more fields as subordinate nodes, associated with the parent.


Next, we need to define our intended crop. A crop encapsulates everything necessary before initiating our first crop cycle or planting.

Crop Cycle

Upon defining our crop, we can generate numerous crop cycles as desired, based on the previously outlined parameters.

Disease and Fertilizer


This segment of the Agriculture module handles Disease management, which might encompass various bacteria, fungi, viruses, or pests affecting the Crop.


This is utilized for tracking available fertilizers and their chemical makeup, which is connected to the Item master.



This portion of the Agriculture module is employed for data monitoring and report generation.