Sowaan ERP The Future of Accounts ERP Software in UAE

Effortlessly manage your accounts, transactions, and taxes with the best ERP software in UAE on the market. As a leading accounts ERP software in the UAE, SowaanERP is designed to streamline your financial operations and bring unparalleled efficiency to your business.

Introduction and Setting Up

Accounting Entries

These entries act as crucial data points for the creation, validation, and audit of financial statements.

Chart of Accounts

This represents a hierarchical view of ledgers and accounts, essential for managing your accounting books.

Account Dimensions

This accounting method enables separate maintenance of various segments such as Branch, Business Unit, and more.

Journals and Payments

Journal Entry

An ordinary accounting transaction involving multiple accounts where the total of debits matches the total of credits.

Journal Entry Template

Journal Entry Template These templates allow you to establish and choose a previously set list of accounts and options when creating a Journal Entry.

Payment Entry

Accounting records that can be created against invoices, sales and purchase orders, expense claims, etc.


Dunning A formal document issued for consistent demand of debt repayment.

Payment Request

A Payment Request is utilized to solicit payment for an order or an invoice.

Advance Payment Entry

Payment made by the customer prior to receiving delivery of the product is termed as Advance Payment.

Billing and Pricing

Sales Invoice

A Sales Invoice is a charge that you issue to your clients. Upon submission, receivables are updated and income is recorded.

Purchase Invoice

This is the bill your Supplier provides you for delivered products or services. At this point, you owe expenses to your Supplier.

Point Of Sales

In retail operations, the delivery, sale accrual, and payment all occur in one instance, known as Point of Sale (POS).

Credit Note

A credit note is a document dispatched to the customer, indicating a credit applied to their account for returned goods.

Debit Note

A debit note is a document sent by a purchaser to a seller, notifying them of a debit made to their accounts.

Pricing Rule

Pricing Rule is a master where you can establish rules that determine the discount applied to a specific Customer or Supplier.


Bank Reconciliation

This outlines the discrepancy on a given date between the bank balance displayed in a company's bank statement.

Payment Reconciliation

Assists in verifying if the money exiting an account aligns with the amount expended, ensuring equilibrium at the end of the recording period.

Accounting Reports

The Sowaan ERP Accounting module comes with several incorporated reports such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, etc.

Process Statement Of Accounts

This feature enables you to dispatch automated regular Statement Of Accounts to a large number of customers.

Advanced Accounting

Multi Currency Accounting

Accounting entries can be made in various currencies, it's possible to have a foreign currency bank account and conduct transactions in that currency.

Deferred Revenue

This represents the prepayments a business receives for goods or services that are set to be delivered or executed in the future.


For services that require renewal over a certain period, the Subscription feature automatically generates Sales Invoices for your customers.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is the method of using a company's outstanding sales invoices as security for a short-term loan granted by a bank or finance company.


Sowaan ERP enables you to monitor all your Shareholders and manage Share Transfers, Share Ledger, and Share Balances.